Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We Said "Nude" Not "Ashy"

So let's clock some tea! I've been noticing an alarming amount of nude lips and I'm unsure if it's crusty or nude gloss! Ladies when searching for a nude lip we must search like we're going through our boyfriends phone!!! DIG DEEP! Nude isn't universal, nude has to comply with you skin tone! Have you ever seen in a catalogue it says nude which means to blend with your skin & it's just the color of an average white woman's skin! Well that means it isn't nude for YOU its just beige basically! A true nude lip acts as a gloss with a tent of your natural lip color! As I suggested before try "Stolen Kisses" by NARS! Unfortunately, some of us are purchasing the wrong nude & it looks WHITE! Nude is NOT the same color as cocaine! So get to the nearest department store and devote at least an hour on your search for "YOUR" nude lip! Because remember everyone's nude is different!

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