Sunday, April 1, 2012

Does Beauty Really Have A Skin Tone?

Does anyone often wonder what the standard of beauty is? Do guys go after the lighter skinned girl with the naturally long hair? I mean when I hear rap songs with the lines "yellow bad bitch" does that mean if shes not light she isn't beautiful? Or have you ever asked someone "is she pretty?" and they reply "Yeah she's light skin & has long hair"! But does that mean she's beautiful? My belief is that all women have beauty within them but some men have a preference, a darker skinned girl is just as beautiful as the lighter skinned girl to me. And I often wonder does this cause an unconscious rift between friends with two different skin tones, does one feel inferior to the other? Or when both go out who gets more guys hitting on them? I have so many girlfriends of all shades and they all have their own beauty. But are light skinned girls with long hair the replacement for the white woman with the blonde hair & blue eyes. I mean look at who's successful Rihanna & Beyonce both are light, yet Kelly Rowland is just as beautiful & more talented and has a fraction of the success! So my question is when it comes to men does beauty really have a skin tone?

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