Sunday, April 1, 2012

His Penis Is Just Too Small?

So girls, I know that we all like to be classy but... Let's dish! Have you guys ever found the cutest, most funny, intelligent, swagger filled guy of your life & you knew he was about to get the chummy chummy( my word for ass or vagina) & he whipped it out & POW, its teeny tiny? What are we supposed to do? Well here is my take! If he's worth it in your eyes, test it out, maybe he's small & knows just how to work it! If not, and you still feel tempted test his oral skills and maybe include some toys in the mix! But what shall we do if he cums wayyyyy too fast? Well, if his penis is small & he's a premature brother! Send him to the next fashionista, because as I said before if a girl loves a long heel, she just needs a long dick to match!

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