Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hair Stylists To The Stars: Karim Odoms

I had a chance to sit down and talk with a long time family friend Karim Odoms! He hails from Philadelphia & is what I consider a hair guru! He has worked with tons of stars & is currently residing in LA! Here's his take on everything from perms to flat iron myths...

So whe did you start doing hair?

-I began playing with dolls early on as a little boy, and at the age of 14 I starting taking it seriously and became the neighborhood hair stylist doing hair from my mothers dining room .

Who has been your all time fave celeb client?

-I don't play favorites , they are all amazing in there own way :-) I will say working with Tia Moury has been awesome ... I respect and admire her strong value of family & friends( such a beautiful family), her work ethic, always professional and not to mention as long as she has been in this industry she is such a sweetheart & positive light . She has not allowed this business to change that ,she know and owns who she is!

What's your advice on black women without a perm?

-It's all about quality !!! What you put in your hair, is what you will get back ! Freely flowing is the way to go ... tangles and shedding is so not the look . Amazing hair is your absolute best accessory !!!
What is the best flat iron to use?

-There are so many great flat irons out there on the market . I'm a fan of FHI , T3 and don't sleep on Gold N Hott . The trick is in the wrist, smaller sections, and most importantly patience !

O'Karim is beyond amazing in't he! Check him on Facebook @ O'Karim Odoms!

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