Sunday, April 1, 2012

Are You Team Natural?

As an African-American I've grown up seeing women with all textures of hair! However I'm a fan of the long sleek look! Team Natural has never been something I've loved! Until recently, I've found out that you can achieve the same look as a perm with a good flat iron! But than the question is well why go natural than? My mother recently took the perm out & went natural and I physically see the strength in her hair and the texture come back alive! But Is the natural look (dreads, Afro, curly) professional? Or are you just going to stick with your perm? And what do majority of men prefer? All these things play a factor but when it comes to your hair only you know what's right for you. So are you team natural?


  1. I'm team relaxed and my natural hair is mid back length but I LOVE weave. I was natural until college it's not the walk in the park a lot of these chicks think especially when ur hair is long and thick.

  2. I am team natural! I've been natural for 2+ years and I can't imagine going back. Like you said, I see a strength in my hair that I never could have achieved with all those damaging chemicals from a relaxer. It is long, curly, and very versatile. I do straighten it on occasion because I get bored and love to show off my length ;) Natural is definitely worth it.