Monday, April 30, 2012

Fashion Police: Morgan Morrow

So I'm in love with this look! The black makes her look super sleek & long & the bow tie & belt compliment each other as oppsose to fighting for attention. Which leaves us only room to pay attention to the blazer which I do like, I would have loved a yellow blazer, but this one is devine. All in all Morgan played by the rules and added one of her own! Overall grade B+  

This look reminds me of myself lol. I'm in love! The floral flowy pant screams spring & is totally in trend, the blazer adds a retro flare & the hat is just the cats meow. I like that while the the oufit matches it has a look and it was a look that was well recieved!! Overall Grade A

Now I'm on the fence with this, I think for one it needs a belt and a cute collar necklace. The earrings are definetly not my style they're a bit to dramatic and the color does nothing to support the ensemble. While her cute shape does help I must give this look a D

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