Thursday, April 12, 2012

Style Files: Dre Alexander

I recently had a chat with my friend Dre' about his fashion choices & things that caught his eye. He's a fellow Rihanna lover & former Nordstrom employee so he had some great insight...

What's your favorite outfit you've ever worn?
-My Favorite Outfit....I have no exact favorite but I do remember this one night I wore a all black sequins blazer and all black. Everyone was gagging that night.

The Go To Shoe?
-Any of my Dr Martens

My style as a whole...
-I dress as if I'm about to be photographed, so it's all about the lay.

What have u learned from working @ Nordstrom?
-From being at Nordstrom, I've mastered my body type, also I've learned a ton on what's really fabulous and not just because of the name tag

My hates of fashion at the moment?
- For Boys-THE SAGGING and lack of individuality. For Girls-accessories and women not knowing their fit.

Item I'm craving at the moment?

Are you more excited about men's or women's fashion?
-I actually at the moment think true men style is more exciting than women's but thats interchangeable by seasons...

And your ultimate career goal?
-To Not Work and enjoy the income from my labor.

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