Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sugar Momma vs. Sugar Daddy

You know I like to think that I carry myself with a certain level of class or integrity. I feel that for the most part I'm pretty independent! But since the Real housewives reunion I've been hearing the word escort & whore thrown at a woman for accepting gifts from men. Well, here's my take on it, it's always an amazing thing to have your own, I mean the saying goes " Mama may have & Papa may have but God bless a child that has his own"... So it stands to reason that every girl goes up in arms to say they wouldn't dare do what a Marlo does. So I ask you, when you lay down with a man and fuck him & afterwards you really have gained nothing but an orgasm & another notch on his belt, if he offered you a car would you take it? If he bought you a Birkin would you accept it? And if in fact you do, does that make you an escort? Though there's a flip side, you could be the one offering gifts and allowing him to reside with you. Or, you could make sure his phone is on & allow him to drive your car & if in fact you allow this to happen can I consider your man an "escort"? I mean because he isn't providing you anything but an orgasm & company. So here's my take on it, while I myself will always have my own, I will never turn down a gift! And I also will never take care of a companion! No man is driving my car, living in my home, and talking on a phone paid for by me I don't care if I can afford it or not *coughs* Kandi Burrus! So to me both women are equal one is considered an escort & one purchases them! End of DISCUSSION! At least Marlo does it in cute shoes tho!

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