Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ali Does Vuitton

How cute are Muhammad Ali & his 3 year old grandson posing for new Louis Vuitton ads!!!! The photo of them with the $1500 Keepall bag were taken in LA by Annie Leibovitz! #adorable

Dolce & Gabbana Tax Evasion

There's an up coming court case for Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana after a judge in Milan gave the go ahead to try the designers for not declaring taxes on over $1.25 BILLION in revenue. They were cleared of all charges back in April but unfortunately it was overturned by a judge in Milan... This is so sad! And so damn much money to be hiding sheeshhhhhh!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

H&M &...

Maison Martin Margiela will be in stores November 15!!!!! You know ironically I get mixed responses about the H&M collabos! Some think it's brilliant & some think it takes down the value of the brand! I myself think it's genius! It offers high end quality for great prices! I believe my favorite was the 2006 collaboration they did with Victor & Rolf! I'm excited to see what they come up with now...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Small Break

So my luvs I have taken a small vacay from blogging for about 2 weeks! I had been doing a ton of new things & coming up with FABULOUS IDEAS!!!! Chic Situation is my baby & I want to nurture it & make sure it delivers the best of my style opinions! I hope you're ready for more fabulousity!!!!

The Look for Less

So as you know cap toe pumps are amazing, especially since we're trying to break away from the platform onto a single-soled shoe! Well, Louis Vuitton has an amazing pair for around $1200 on the top photo! But no need to pout because the below photo is a similar look from our gal pal Zara for $80!!!!!!!! And both are FAB!!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

At Lash

So I've just purchased these really funky eyelash-cateye sunglasses by Tatty Devine!!!!!! I think they'll be stuck with me all summer! I have an addiction to odd things & these caught my eye instantly! They're $160 available at

What Do Ya Know

Well well well... It appears as if Jada Pinkett Smith fell in love with the Valentino jumpsuit that Kim Chandler & Jennifer Williams has! However, Jada opted for the short version! Not really sure about the shorts! It takes away from the classic look!

It Has A 'Ring' To It

Now I'm a total ring freak! And when I've noticed Rihanna with a bunch of rings on one hand I fell in LOVE! Now for a minimalist 3 small gold rings are fine on all middle fingers! But for the dramatic like me.... I say throw em all on! You can purchase them in sets at all our fave online boutiques! Will you Ring it?

Cuff Em'

So I've been so in love with the ear cuffs! I think their really funky with like a white chiffon button up & a cigarette jean! And of course a pony tail shall be involved! Check em' out at Topshop & Asos!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Kimberly Chandler vs. Jennifer Williams

Kimberly wore this $3,000 Valentino Jumpsuit to the 2012 Met Gala while Jenn opted to wear hers to the Basketball Wives Reunion! I say Kim wore it best! The jumpsuit is gorgeous on both but Kim's jewelry and shoes won me over! While the Chanel pearls are classic & timeless it just doesn't fit the ensemble, nor does her bulky ass Louboutin!!!! If she wanted a Louboutin she should've gone with a black or nude "Pigalle" !

Valentines Day

So I'm still a fan of the whole pink & red duo! And I think since it's summer why not try it. Since the colors are so bold try & steer clear of adding another color! Stick with gold, nude or white accents! And don't do a colored lip!!! I repeat do not do a colored lip!

How To Make It Wearable

Now I'm a firm believer that a person with style can trick out anything! So here's this Jeremy Scott fur Jacket with all these bright colors! So how do we wear it!? So I say an extremely tight white knee length dress, a sleek low pony tail & single soled nude pumps! How would you wear it?

Celeb of the Week: Kerry Washington

So when our beloved Kerry Washington isn't busy playing Olivia Pope on my favorite show "Scandal" she's looking stylish & sleek in the NYC! I have fallen more in love with her since "Save The Last Dance" and her style thanks to my fave stylist Mariel Haenn is amazing!!!!

Kim Zolciak Takes Off That Hat(WIG)

So Kim of Real housewives of Atlanta is known for her nasty wigs! But she's decided to show us her blonde lock underneath that damn thing! I personally prefer her real hair! What do you think?

Sam Edelman does Handbags

Ok so Sammie must've totally been over the fact that Jeffy(Campbell) has been taking over our world so he now has a line of bags! This particular bag must be the mate to the "Lorissa" pump! It's rather funky! I hear it shall be available at Solestruck within the next week or so!!!


So I don't often discuss menswear! However, how fabulous is this floral blazer?! It can be purchased at Zara for all you ladies who have a special gentlemen

Quote of the Day

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fashionista Contest!!!

So girls & guys! I'm having a contest, I want everyone to splurge on an item! One summer item that is over $150! It can be an accessory, fragrance, shoe or clothing item! Whomever's item I love the best will win a gift bag! Once you purchase your item upload it to Instagram & tag me in it @theboynextdior with the hash tag #ChicContest !!! May the best fashionista WIN! The contest is over July 15, 2012!

Look of the Week

It appears we're on a roll guys! Not only does this fashionista have on our fave Zara shoes! But she's also rocking floral! I love how versatile these shoes are! Like really so so adorable, and mixed with the floral is just Devine! I'm also in love with her Rebecca Minkoff bag! I love the fun of summer/spring fashion!!!

Diva Download

I'm loving "We Are Young" by Fun. It's so cute & has the greatest beat! I first heard it in 'Gossip Girl' season finale this past Monday & I haven't turned it off yet!!!!

Can You Smell the Gays?

Well now you can! Bond No. 9 now had a unisex signature scent, representing the one year anniversary of the legalization of gay marriage in NYC! I'm a Bond No. 9 freak, I can't stop spraying my 'Central Park West' so I'll definitely be supporting this!!!!

Classic Edge

Ok you know how I love blazer dresses and this one is no exception! This dress is the perfect silhouette & it can be worn thousands of ways! I chose to show it with our fave Zara sandals for $50 and a vintage Judith Leiber belt from Etsy for $100! The dress is from Mango and runs around $70! How do you like?

Opposites Attract

So I am obsessed with sweat pants & heels!!!! I think it's so retro & chic, I mean who isn't comfy in sweats! All u need is a cute fitted tee shirt a pair of grey or dark green fitted sweats & I prefer a two strap sandal heel, but a stiletto pump will work just the same! Will you try?

Item of the Week

This dress from is amazing!!!! I love the color and the material is great for summer! It calls for a great link necklace or a small gold pendant! And I love how you can dress it up or down! Of course I prefer dressing it up, you know it's always better to be overdressed than under!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fashion Police: Christa

This dress fits Christa to a T! I would have chosen a different bag, maybe a cocktail bag. I'm in love wth pillbox hats as you know so the hat is just the icing on the cake for me. The hat was the defining moment for this look, I love that she added this key item to give the look a direction! Other than the bag I would have loved this dress in black. But as a whole the look is very lady sings the blues meets woman on Fifth Ave.... Overall Grade B+

Christa's choice in colors with this look is amazing!!! I absoutely love the pop of orange added to the look! Again, this is a look where a necklace was definetly needed, nothing major just a gold link. The sleeves are FABULOUS & she allows the sleeves to be the focus! And I'm loving how well Christa works a dress... Overall Grade A=

So Christa definetly switched it up & went conservative on this one, this is a look alot of women can pull off and Christa must have a fab tailor because all of her clothes look perfectly fitted! I would have loved a more dramtic belt and a more severe shoe. Only because it lacks color maybe a pink or red belt or just a red shoe... Overall Grade C 

Fashion Police: Saafir Aalee

I LOVE this outfit, the boots are amazing, the fit of the jean is perfctection & I adore the leather jacket! For some strange reason I would have loved another shirt around his waist but it still has a great look without it. He is giving me NYC grunge & it works... Overall Grade A

Fashion Police: Jermika Chambers

So denim is all the rage as we know, & Jermika went for a strong shoulder denim dress which is right on trend! She added a nude shoe & gold hoops. So I'm in love with it because it's very simple yet still fashionable, I would have loved if she added a simple gold necklace as well & maybe a few extra small gold bangles since the dress is hott but still plain. Overal Grade B+

I believe this was around the holidays & I must say Jermika delivered gifts! The dress is divine it has class but still remains sexy her hair just enough & the boot dominated runways & streets alike this season. While pairing such a heavy shoe with such a delicate dress could've went wrong, in this case it went oh so RIGHT! I would have loved to see a tad more accessories but still a great look... Overal Grade A-

Jermika definetly made a statement in this dress, although I'm a bit on the fence with this one. I think the sleeves are just a tad too dramatic for me, the colors look gorgeous on her but just overpowers her. I would have liked a small gold bracelet but the sleeves didn't need anymore accessories & the shoe is a bit too heavy. I would have loved a nude point toe without a platfom. While Jermika has a gift of knowing what works for her and highlighting her figure in all the right places, this dress is just a bit too heavy for her amazing figure. Overall Grade D+

Monday, April 30, 2012

Style Profile: Dex Robinson of 4Season Style Management

So I had a chat with my bro Dex who is a Product Manager for 4season Style Management and he has some great advice as well as some good laughs! Check him out folks...

-What is 4 Season Style Management & what is your role on the company?

4Season Style Management, is a full-service consulting firm, we use image developement to help clients develop a strong first impression. We are not limited to image consulting we also offer website development, person shopping, logo design, marketing services and brand management. I am Product Manager and Creative, which means I am a man of many hats lol

-Who is an ideal client for the company?

We have been vravitating a lot towards athletes, being than one of the owners of our company is Olympic gold-medalist and WNBA star Cappie Pondexter of the NY Liberty. But we don't discriminate AT ALL lol. Cappies business partner, style expert Lisa Smith-Craig ( , makes sure we cover all facets ranging from corporate, entertainers, consumer publications, athletes and beyond. Hey we will style you, if you want lol


-What motivates your own personal style?

The 80s and 90s, I feel like those two eras we so dope. Vintage clothing inspires me, so my personal style could be described as classic pieces worn in a modern way that are appropriate for my environments and activities.

-What is the one item in your closet that you covet the most?

MY BLACK HAT. I don't leave home without it lol

-What will we never see Dex wearing?

You will never see Dex wearing square toes dress shoes lol PERIOD

-Where do you see 4 season style management being in 10 years?

In ten years I see our company as being a premier entity in the entertainment/fashion industry. With us combining innovation, creativity and cultural awareness with the desires of our clients we are destined for greatness!

-Who in the industry would you love to makeover & why?

It would probably be Chris Brown, don't get me wrong he is a phenomenal performer. But style wise, I think he could be a little more consistent, but that is just me

-What is the one thing that a man of style should NEVER wear?

I think a man should never wear Boot Cut anything

-What do you guys have coming up?

WNBA season is here so make sure you guys are watching our girls do there thing Go an purchase our artist "Pr3pe" (Essence Carson) single on Itunes entitled "Hater"...Look out for Ebony Hoffman's new cookbook to be released...We are planning our annual 4Seasons event and lots more so stayed tuned follow us on twitter/instagram for more updates.

Twitter @dexrob/@4SeasonStyleMgt
Instagram DexRob

Fashion Police: Morgan Morrow

So I'm in love with this look! The black makes her look super sleek & long & the bow tie & belt compliment each other as oppsose to fighting for attention. Which leaves us only room to pay attention to the blazer which I do like, I would have loved a yellow blazer, but this one is devine. All in all Morgan played by the rules and added one of her own! Overall grade B+  

This look reminds me of myself lol. I'm in love! The floral flowy pant screams spring & is totally in trend, the blazer adds a retro flare & the hat is just the cats meow. I like that while the the oufit matches it has a look and it was a look that was well recieved!! Overall Grade A

Now I'm on the fence with this, I think for one it needs a belt and a cute collar necklace. The earrings are definetly not my style they're a bit to dramatic and the color does nothing to support the ensemble. While her cute shape does help I must give this look a D

Fashion Police: Raheim Johnson

So this look on Raheim is great! I love the proportions and the foot cleavage, as well as the kick the lavender bow tie gives the look! It soughta plays on like a "Harlem Poet" type of vibe! I would've loved a belt that had a gold accent but its still an amazing look on him! He pulls it all together effortlessly! Overall grade A-

Lets glance at this look, so Raheim has a really amazing figure which the tank really helps to show off, I would've loved if the shirt was a size larger just to kinda change the effect of the look but I'm still in love with it. A gold watch would've set this right off... Now my only complaint comes in at the SHOES! The shoes are kind of juvenile I get where he was going but the shoe however made a U-turn... Overall grade C+

Ok so this look is a tad left field, I think what it lacks is DIRECTION, there isn't a set theme with this one. I think if he had made the pants a short ditched the two tops and added maybe a floral print button up for contrast & if he wanted a funky vibe he could've ditched the chucks & added a military boot or a moccasin. All in all it's way to man things going on with this look, I'm fighting to know where to look... Overall grade D+

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Looks to Lose: Bandage Dress

OMG! I can't believe these still exist! These dresses scream liquor and too much ass!!! It's overdone & out dated! These dresses show off no sense of style and hardly anyone who wears them even have the right body to wear it to begin with! Save the bandages for cuts people! Throw em' out!

Look of the Week: Emma Roberts

This week Emma Roberts was in head to toe Miu Miu! I'm living for this, the mixing prints is awesome & the simple yet chic black leather totally gave it an edge & contrast from the prints! Ladies this look is simple! Find two different prints, grab a leather & a super cute peep toe & BAM!

Item of the Week: White Romper

So I'm a summer time means wear white type of person! I love white in the summer it's so fitting! So I stumbled across this one piece that is Devine! I would totally where a neutral clutch a neon lip and neon shoe, preferably a wedge! It's available for about $70 at

Sugar Momma vs. Sugar Daddy

You know I like to think that I carry myself with a certain level of class or integrity. I feel that for the most part I'm pretty independent! But since the Real housewives reunion I've been hearing the word escort & whore thrown at a woman for accepting gifts from men. Well, here's my take on it, it's always an amazing thing to have your own, I mean the saying goes " Mama may have & Papa may have but God bless a child that has his own"... So it stands to reason that every girl goes up in arms to say they wouldn't dare do what a Marlo does. So I ask you, when you lay down with a man and fuck him & afterwards you really have gained nothing but an orgasm & another notch on his belt, if he offered you a car would you take it? If he bought you a Birkin would you accept it? And if in fact you do, does that make you an escort? Though there's a flip side, you could be the one offering gifts and allowing him to reside with you. Or, you could make sure his phone is on & allow him to drive your car & if in fact you allow this to happen can I consider your man an "escort"? I mean because he isn't providing you anything but an orgasm & company. So here's my take on it, while I myself will always have my own, I will never turn down a gift! And I also will never take care of a companion! No man is driving my car, living in my home, and talking on a phone paid for by me I don't care if I can afford it or not *coughs* Kandi Burrus! So to me both women are equal one is considered an escort & one purchases them! End of DISCUSSION! At least Marlo does it in cute shoes tho!

Trend Alert: Camoflouge

So I've been seeing tons of girls in camouflage cargos or pants! For me this is a DON'T !!! I am not nor have I ever been in the military, therefore camouflage shorts don't fit me! They remind me of back in 2006 when girls wore the cargos & Aeropostale shirts with the butterflies! Ewwww! And some of you are wearing these shorts with heels! Seriously? Why? A simple olive green cargo/skinny is fine! But full on camouflage is not cadet worthy

Eyebrow 101

Ok ladies clock in! This eyebrow drawing thing has to STOP! Some of us are fortunate enough to have thick pretty eyebrows & some of us aren't! However, if you don't, than you must learn how to draw or shade in the perfect brow! There are MAC counters everywhere that will show you how but we MUST not continue to treat out eyebrows as an art class! There are proper makeup tools and techniques to not make you look like its black dye on your brows! Please seek the proper help! This is a SICKNESS

Diva Download: Robin Thicke "Pretty lil Heart"

I am beyond in love with this song! It features my favorite rapper Lil' Wayne & the song is beyond sexy!