Monday, April 30, 2012

Style Profile: Dex Robinson of 4Season Style Management

So I had a chat with my bro Dex who is a Product Manager for 4season Style Management and he has some great advice as well as some good laughs! Check him out folks...

-What is 4 Season Style Management & what is your role on the company?

4Season Style Management, is a full-service consulting firm, we use image developement to help clients develop a strong first impression. We are not limited to image consulting we also offer website development, person shopping, logo design, marketing services and brand management. I am Product Manager and Creative, which means I am a man of many hats lol

-Who is an ideal client for the company?

We have been vravitating a lot towards athletes, being than one of the owners of our company is Olympic gold-medalist and WNBA star Cappie Pondexter of the NY Liberty. But we don't discriminate AT ALL lol. Cappies business partner, style expert Lisa Smith-Craig ( , makes sure we cover all facets ranging from corporate, entertainers, consumer publications, athletes and beyond. Hey we will style you, if you want lol


-What motivates your own personal style?

The 80s and 90s, I feel like those two eras we so dope. Vintage clothing inspires me, so my personal style could be described as classic pieces worn in a modern way that are appropriate for my environments and activities.

-What is the one item in your closet that you covet the most?

MY BLACK HAT. I don't leave home without it lol

-What will we never see Dex wearing?

You will never see Dex wearing square toes dress shoes lol PERIOD

-Where do you see 4 season style management being in 10 years?

In ten years I see our company as being a premier entity in the entertainment/fashion industry. With us combining innovation, creativity and cultural awareness with the desires of our clients we are destined for greatness!

-Who in the industry would you love to makeover & why?

It would probably be Chris Brown, don't get me wrong he is a phenomenal performer. But style wise, I think he could be a little more consistent, but that is just me

-What is the one thing that a man of style should NEVER wear?

I think a man should never wear Boot Cut anything

-What do you guys have coming up?

WNBA season is here so make sure you guys are watching our girls do there thing Go an purchase our artist "Pr3pe" (Essence Carson) single on Itunes entitled "Hater"...Look out for Ebony Hoffman's new cookbook to be released...We are planning our annual 4Seasons event and lots more so stayed tuned follow us on twitter/instagram for more updates.

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