Sunday, April 1, 2012

Are We Really Dressing For MEN?

When it's time to head out & we are searching for an outfit, who exactly are we dressing for? I mean it's my belief that we want to say the guys. But, in my heart I'm feeling like its for the other women! Think about it, do the men really care if your stiletto is cap toe, peep, or pointy! And does it matter if you wear the gold link necklace or the multi color bib necklace? HELL NO! Ladies we are dressing to upstage these bitches in the clubs, workplace, campus, concerts and anywhere else we may see a fellow fashionista with a subscription to ELLE! We are setting out to impress them and show them that they have NOTHING on us, or our devotion to FASHION! In my mind we only dress for men in the bedroom! When we swipe our card at Nordstrom on those new shoes, our brain is saying "Now let's see her top this! Ha!" So who do you think you're dressing for?

1 comment:

  1. yassssssssss!!!!!!!! I definitely dress to IMPRESS and possibly teach the nonfashionable a quick lesson in fashion: get ur gear game up and we can talk. :)