Monday, April 30, 2012

Style Profile: Dex Robinson of 4Season Style Management

So I had a chat with my bro Dex who is a Product Manager for 4season Style Management and he has some great advice as well as some good laughs! Check him out folks...

-What is 4 Season Style Management & what is your role on the company?

4Season Style Management, is a full-service consulting firm, we use image developement to help clients develop a strong first impression. We are not limited to image consulting we also offer website development, person shopping, logo design, marketing services and brand management. I am Product Manager and Creative, which means I am a man of many hats lol

-Who is an ideal client for the company?

We have been vravitating a lot towards athletes, being than one of the owners of our company is Olympic gold-medalist and WNBA star Cappie Pondexter of the NY Liberty. But we don't discriminate AT ALL lol. Cappies business partner, style expert Lisa Smith-Craig ( , makes sure we cover all facets ranging from corporate, entertainers, consumer publications, athletes and beyond. Hey we will style you, if you want lol


-What motivates your own personal style?

The 80s and 90s, I feel like those two eras we so dope. Vintage clothing inspires me, so my personal style could be described as classic pieces worn in a modern way that are appropriate for my environments and activities.

-What is the one item in your closet that you covet the most?

MY BLACK HAT. I don't leave home without it lol

-What will we never see Dex wearing?

You will never see Dex wearing square toes dress shoes lol PERIOD

-Where do you see 4 season style management being in 10 years?

In ten years I see our company as being a premier entity in the entertainment/fashion industry. With us combining innovation, creativity and cultural awareness with the desires of our clients we are destined for greatness!

-Who in the industry would you love to makeover & why?

It would probably be Chris Brown, don't get me wrong he is a phenomenal performer. But style wise, I think he could be a little more consistent, but that is just me

-What is the one thing that a man of style should NEVER wear?

I think a man should never wear Boot Cut anything

-What do you guys have coming up?

WNBA season is here so make sure you guys are watching our girls do there thing Go an purchase our artist "Pr3pe" (Essence Carson) single on Itunes entitled "Hater"...Look out for Ebony Hoffman's new cookbook to be released...We are planning our annual 4Seasons event and lots more so stayed tuned follow us on twitter/instagram for more updates.

Twitter @dexrob/@4SeasonStyleMgt
Instagram DexRob

Fashion Police: Morgan Morrow

So I'm in love with this look! The black makes her look super sleek & long & the bow tie & belt compliment each other as oppsose to fighting for attention. Which leaves us only room to pay attention to the blazer which I do like, I would have loved a yellow blazer, but this one is devine. All in all Morgan played by the rules and added one of her own! Overall grade B+  

This look reminds me of myself lol. I'm in love! The floral flowy pant screams spring & is totally in trend, the blazer adds a retro flare & the hat is just the cats meow. I like that while the the oufit matches it has a look and it was a look that was well recieved!! Overall Grade A

Now I'm on the fence with this, I think for one it needs a belt and a cute collar necklace. The earrings are definetly not my style they're a bit to dramatic and the color does nothing to support the ensemble. While her cute shape does help I must give this look a D

Fashion Police: Raheim Johnson

So this look on Raheim is great! I love the proportions and the foot cleavage, as well as the kick the lavender bow tie gives the look! It soughta plays on like a "Harlem Poet" type of vibe! I would've loved a belt that had a gold accent but its still an amazing look on him! He pulls it all together effortlessly! Overall grade A-

Lets glance at this look, so Raheim has a really amazing figure which the tank really helps to show off, I would've loved if the shirt was a size larger just to kinda change the effect of the look but I'm still in love with it. A gold watch would've set this right off... Now my only complaint comes in at the SHOES! The shoes are kind of juvenile I get where he was going but the shoe however made a U-turn... Overall grade C+

Ok so this look is a tad left field, I think what it lacks is DIRECTION, there isn't a set theme with this one. I think if he had made the pants a short ditched the two tops and added maybe a floral print button up for contrast & if he wanted a funky vibe he could've ditched the chucks & added a military boot or a moccasin. All in all it's way to man things going on with this look, I'm fighting to know where to look... Overall grade D+

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Looks to Lose: Bandage Dress

OMG! I can't believe these still exist! These dresses scream liquor and too much ass!!! It's overdone & out dated! These dresses show off no sense of style and hardly anyone who wears them even have the right body to wear it to begin with! Save the bandages for cuts people! Throw em' out!

Look of the Week: Emma Roberts

This week Emma Roberts was in head to toe Miu Miu! I'm living for this, the mixing prints is awesome & the simple yet chic black leather totally gave it an edge & contrast from the prints! Ladies this look is simple! Find two different prints, grab a leather & a super cute peep toe & BAM!

Item of the Week: White Romper

So I'm a summer time means wear white type of person! I love white in the summer it's so fitting! So I stumbled across this one piece that is Devine! I would totally where a neutral clutch a neon lip and neon shoe, preferably a wedge! It's available for about $70 at

Sugar Momma vs. Sugar Daddy

You know I like to think that I carry myself with a certain level of class or integrity. I feel that for the most part I'm pretty independent! But since the Real housewives reunion I've been hearing the word escort & whore thrown at a woman for accepting gifts from men. Well, here's my take on it, it's always an amazing thing to have your own, I mean the saying goes " Mama may have & Papa may have but God bless a child that has his own"... So it stands to reason that every girl goes up in arms to say they wouldn't dare do what a Marlo does. So I ask you, when you lay down with a man and fuck him & afterwards you really have gained nothing but an orgasm & another notch on his belt, if he offered you a car would you take it? If he bought you a Birkin would you accept it? And if in fact you do, does that make you an escort? Though there's a flip side, you could be the one offering gifts and allowing him to reside with you. Or, you could make sure his phone is on & allow him to drive your car & if in fact you allow this to happen can I consider your man an "escort"? I mean because he isn't providing you anything but an orgasm & company. So here's my take on it, while I myself will always have my own, I will never turn down a gift! And I also will never take care of a companion! No man is driving my car, living in my home, and talking on a phone paid for by me I don't care if I can afford it or not *coughs* Kandi Burrus! So to me both women are equal one is considered an escort & one purchases them! End of DISCUSSION! At least Marlo does it in cute shoes tho!

Trend Alert: Camoflouge

So I've been seeing tons of girls in camouflage cargos or pants! For me this is a DON'T !!! I am not nor have I ever been in the military, therefore camouflage shorts don't fit me! They remind me of back in 2006 when girls wore the cargos & Aeropostale shirts with the butterflies! Ewwww! And some of you are wearing these shorts with heels! Seriously? Why? A simple olive green cargo/skinny is fine! But full on camouflage is not cadet worthy

Eyebrow 101

Ok ladies clock in! This eyebrow drawing thing has to STOP! Some of us are fortunate enough to have thick pretty eyebrows & some of us aren't! However, if you don't, than you must learn how to draw or shade in the perfect brow! There are MAC counters everywhere that will show you how but we MUST not continue to treat out eyebrows as an art class! There are proper makeup tools and techniques to not make you look like its black dye on your brows! Please seek the proper help! This is a SICKNESS

Diva Download: Robin Thicke "Pretty lil Heart"

I am beyond in love with this song! It features my favorite rapper Lil' Wayne & the song is beyond sexy!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Love It or Loose It : Pillbox Hats

Now I know not everyone is a hat person & personally I'm not really into them either, but I'm really feeling this look! I think the hats are adorable and add a little costume to your look. I like it best with something long like a chic pant or tight below the knee dress! I would say try a tight long sleeve below the knee dress, a huge gold cuff, a pair of studs and a chic ponytail! So are you loving or loosing...?

Leather It Up

So everyone has been asking me should they still wear leather in the summer, and what I say is HELLS YEAH! A leather short at night in summer is amazeballs, but leather may not always feel hot but it may look hot. So you wanna go sleeveless and for the ladies who hate showing their arms maybe go sheer top than. Even a leather pleated skirt is great! But leather has to be pulled like a bad tooth! Which means you must create a look when doing leather, know what it Is you're going for. Meaning, if u wanna take take it boho, retro, grunge, chic whatever it may be you must carry it out properly... And please don't forget to accessorize, nothing brings leather together better than jewelry

Gossip Gals: Supportive vs. Judgemental

As I was washing my dog last night I had some thoughts running through my mind... As a friend we only want the best for our girlfriends, we pray for their success, hope for their happiness, an wish for their well being. However sometimes when our friends are making what we assume to be a mistake we tend to judge. It doesn't make us bad people or even a bad friend it just makes us human. We often feel like we know what's best for our friends, like we are parents or something. But our friends have to make their own decisions & mistakes, I mean haven't we made ours. I can't tell you how many bad guys I've dated or had sex with that my friends didn't approve of! Or how many lip colors I've worn that they didn't fancy. But here's the thing about friendship it's at it's strongest when you can disagree yet still agree to love each other & support one another. None of us are saints and by being supportive doesn't mean we have to not state our opinions on things. It just simply means that we state it once & whatever mistake we may foresee we just wait it out & be certain to be there with a tissue, a great movie, and a new lip gloss when it's over. Because us fashionistas have to stick together, it's a cold world out there filled with bad guys, phony girls, & awful shoes. So all we've got is each other! Let's try & remember that!

The Trench Dress

So I've stumbled across two amazing trench dresses. They're both available at Mango online for around $60. They scream spring/summer, it's the perfect throw on dress that requires minimal effort and little makeup! The denim may be my fave! Add a large tote, a cute flat or amazing wedge, a watch, and sunglasses & you'll scream Manhattan fashionista! Oh & my iPhone family, you can download the Mango app for free!!!

Makeup Madness: Tom Ford Lipstick in "Spanish Pink"

So I Had some retail therapy with a girlfriend of mine & of course I stumbled upon the makeup counter as usual. So, I totally paused to scope the scene. I've heard so much about Tom Fords cosmetics & never actually tried them. So I tried every color he had & some were pretty but I had similar already, so than I tried "Spanish Pink" and loved it! I got so many compliments! It's the perfect texture and should suit almost every lip. Now it retails for $48 at Saks & Nordstrom but its a great investment!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Diva Download: Kat Graham "Put Ya Graffiti On Me"

This song has me dancing so hard in my car!!!! The best the instruments, everything about this is AMAZEBALLS!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Look To Loose: The Bob

Ughhh I cannot explain how OVER this hairstyle I am, I mean are people still really going to the chair & asking for this? I believe long is back! Its all about the long straght sleek do's & curly curls all over. I think women should dye their tips this summer and leave the roots black! Its ultra modern & so Drew Barrymore The bob is very Nicki Minaj-ish & we know that aint no good... Lets have a moment of silence for her...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Reality Check: RHOA

So I am a huge team Nene supporter. It is my opinion that Kim is a common whore who married a D list athlete. Phaedra is snoody second rate attorney with a few witty lines that never equal anything. Kandi is a shady, country, tacky bumpkin. And Sheree is a broke gold digger with a great weave. I believe that Nene keeps it real and defends herself in any situation you throw at her. There is no way that Kandi, Phedra, Sheree, nor Kim can attack her properly because they can't even keep their own group together. They are a clear example of "nothing bring phony bitches together like a common enemy" But... who is you favorite?

Look Of The Week: Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani served up dishes to every bitch walking in Stella McCartney! Her understated yet chic Louboutin 'pigalle' and chic up-do works wonders. I may have added a bit more accessories but that's just me on her the minimal accessories is what helps make it so chic!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chic Fashionista of the Week: Nakia Smith

Nakia is a 25 year old fashion apparel studies major at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. She has Interned at Oscar de la Renta & is soon to be graduating. Nakia's style would be best described as city chic! She plays with trends without abusing them and has become an expert on what makeup is needed for each ensemble. Take a look at some of her style moments...

Facebook: Nakia Smith
Instagram: coco_ki
Twitter: @coco_ki

Menswear for the Modern Gal

I'm obsessed with menswear for women it's so modern chic. But there's a way to do it! When getting your men's look the pant needs to be cropped or tight, or for summer try a loose fitting black short! Also the white shirt needs either dramatic necklaces or a chic Bow tie. Oh & you need either a bright or very dark lip no in between! And the shoe should be either platform or two strap! For a modern twist u could even add a little pillbox hat for fun!

Style Files: Dre Alexander

I recently had a chat with my friend Dre' about his fashion choices & things that caught his eye. He's a fellow Rihanna lover & former Nordstrom employee so he had some great insight...

What's your favorite outfit you've ever worn?
-My Favorite Outfit....I have no exact favorite but I do remember this one night I wore a all black sequins blazer and all black. Everyone was gagging that night.

The Go To Shoe?
-Any of my Dr Martens

My style as a whole...
-I dress as if I'm about to be photographed, so it's all about the lay.

What have u learned from working @ Nordstrom?
-From being at Nordstrom, I've mastered my body type, also I've learned a ton on what's really fabulous and not just because of the name tag

My hates of fashion at the moment?
- For Boys-THE SAGGING and lack of individuality. For Girls-accessories and women not knowing their fit.

Item I'm craving at the moment?

Are you more excited about men's or women's fashion?
-I actually at the moment think true men style is more exciting than women's but thats interchangeable by seasons...

And your ultimate career goal?
-To Not Work and enjoy the income from my labor.

Are You Guilty : Condoms

So I've had a few conversations with some friends & I've wondered when or is it ok to eventually stop using condoms. I mean let's be honest after a while of sleeping with the same guy we all have taken the condom off, but is that ok? My opinion is NO and I've been guilty of this before, but I feel that as of today men lie so much. Men cheat, they have secrets we never find out about & is it really worth the risk of HIV, Herpes, genital warts or for women an unwanted pregnancy? Sometimes a man can feel so safe & perfect that we can't imagine him causing us this harm! SNAP OUT OF IT! He's capable of anything, PERIOD & no fashionista wants the risk of having an STD! Does she?

Eligible Bachelor of the Week: Kevin Dublin

Kevin is a 23 year old graduate from Virginia Union University, he resides in Philadelphia. He is a fitness fanatic making ways to start his own company Kolossal Fitness! He is employed at Nordstrom full time & is extremely funny & charismatic!

Twitter/ @kolossal_kev
Instagram/ Kolossal_kev

How to Wear A Romper

So here's the thing, rompers & one piece suits are very fashionable but the bottom line is that it requires the right body. This is one of those things that just is NOT for everyone! Rompers need to be tried on PERIOD! U cannot look at a romper & determine how it'll fit. Second, I think I'm past the short rompers, it's a little juvenile to me & second, get rid of those all black cat suits that look like cat woman! They are not flattering at all and looks like you're attending a dance recital! Oh & F.Y.I. leave the prints alone try sticking to only solid colors they're more sophisticated!

Future of Forbes: Brittany Garth

Brittany Garth has been my best-friend for over 5 years she graduated in 2008 with a Bachelors in Social Work from Virginia Union University. She is now enrolled in a Masters program at Capella University. She is 26 and just received a promotion to Clinical Field Supervisor. She just recently purchased a fabulous four story townhouse in Richmond, VA. Her goal is to become a licensed social worker by age 28! And I totally see it happening!!!!
Facebook/ Brittany Garth
Twitter/ xoxo_britt86
Instagram/ brittxoxo_86

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Summer Survival List

So I've prepared together some definite items to get you through the summer... Grab your pen ladies ready, set, go!!!!!
1. Bold Lip
2. White Blazer
3. Denim Shorts
4. Military Boots
5. Maxi Skirt
6. Floral Pants
7. Fedora
8. Cat Eye Sunglasses
9. Statement Earring
10. Leopard bag
11. Nude Pump
12. Strappy Sandal

Now ladies of you prepare yourself this emergency kit you should be fine. I promise no even this summer will go unnoticed

Make A Statement

Let's get into accessories! So as we've discussed how much I hate anything with a feather or that reminds me of something Evelyn would wear from BBW! I do however love a statement earring! A statement earring tops off the perfect simple ensemble, or when you hair is a mess & you go to a sloppy bun, throw on a statement earring & a dramatic lip! Find the perfect pair cheap or expensive doesn't matter but look for more art deco & drama. Let the earring hold the conversation before you even speak! And don't forget that pop of lip!

Access Granted: Colorblock

Ok so I've been asked a million times is it still ok to Colorblock & the answer is YES! However, let's update it shall we, let's add a bit of print somewhere maybe in our shoe or bag. And also instead of the neon colors lets try some neutrals or pastels! So all were doing is simply turning it down a notch! Oh & FYI please no more purple & orange combos!!! It's DONE

Maxi Dress Tips

Ok so here are some tips I have for the long sleeved maxi style. While its amazing & super sexy it must FIT, this type of dress is unforgiving & will not loan you any extra smoothness! These dresses look terrible when they're to small, for starters the slit is only supposed to be prominent when you walk if your leg is just simply out than you need a bigger size. Also make sure to invest in spanx!!!!! I can't explain how important they are even for the smaller woman. Spanx with smooth us out when we wear those fabrics that just show every lump and bump we have! If you follow these rules the long maxi will take you to the moon & back!

Gather Round

Ok so I'm totally against gathering of any kind! To me it adds volume & always in the worst places! Also it can seem a little Fashion Bug-ish, instead of gathering try pleats! Pleats are more forgiving & is totally in at the moment!

Diva Download: Jessie J. "Domino"

I fell in love with this song at first listen... Jessie J. has such an amazing voice & this song is super fun!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Must Haves of the Week

These two pair of shoes are available at Zara! They're simply divine and will work with tons of your summer outfits! I would pair the pink with a turquoise top & some print pants. As for the fabulous gold shoe I would do an oversized distressed tee, some red cigarette jeans & a red lip and a animal print bag! And don't forget iPhone family, download the Zara app for free!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We Said "Nude" Not "Ashy"

So let's clock some tea! I've been noticing an alarming amount of nude lips and I'm unsure if it's crusty or nude gloss! Ladies when searching for a nude lip we must search like we're going through our boyfriends phone!!! DIG DEEP! Nude isn't universal, nude has to comply with you skin tone! Have you ever seen in a catalogue it says nude which means to blend with your skin & it's just the color of an average white woman's skin! Well that means it isn't nude for YOU its just beige basically! A true nude lip acts as a gloss with a tent of your natural lip color! As I suggested before try "Stolen Kisses" by NARS! Unfortunately, some of us are purchasing the wrong nude & it looks WHITE! Nude is NOT the same color as cocaine! So get to the nearest department store and devote at least an hour on your search for "YOUR" nude lip! Because remember everyone's nude is different!

Makeup Madness: Nars "Super Orgasm" Blush

By now I'm sure everyone knows I'm obsessed with NARS! So I purchased this blush and I'm addicted! It bring shine and gold to every skin tone & is only $28! I would pair it with an extreme smokey eye & a great nude lip!