Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chic Fashionista of The Week: Jerrika Chambers

My friend Jerrika hails from Baltimore, she is ultra chic, stylish & FAB! She puts together looks for herself that are runway worthy as well as having excellent skills when it comes to her makeup. She has a Bachelors degree from Morgan State University in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising! She works full time in corporate and part time as a stylist! Peep her fab looks right here!

Chic Single of the Week: Tiffany Allen

Tiffany has been my bestfriend for the past 11 years. She is beautiful, smart, silly & stylish! She has a fetish for lipstick a Bachelors in Psychology from Millersville University & currently works for the city of Philadelphia! Her turn on is originality & confidence! Turn OFFs LIARS!
Twitter/ @_TiffanyShane
Facebook/ Tiffany Allen

Makeup Madness: Eye Shadow

As everyone knows I'm addicted to black eyeshadow! Colored shadows just don't work on me, but for some they look amazing! But, we must learn when & how to apply! My ultimate No No is a red or pink lip & a colored eyeshadow! Are you trying to look like a CLOWN! To me shadows work best with a neutral lip, bright lips mixed with blush & colored shadow is way to much! Especially when you use liquid foundation, you just look plastic! Try to also watch how heavy you're applying the color all u need is a light coating of colored shadow! Only go heavy when using black shadow. Too much colored shadow on the entire lid gives drag queen! Remember with eyes they are the center of our face treat them as such!

Is The Skinny For You?

I personally believe the skinny suits everyone! However for a thin person a skinny jean & a top will be just fine! For a larger figure the skinny needs dimension! Meaning a top and a skinny jean needs a blazer or cardigan, even a vest! But there must be a third element somewhere, this third element acts to elongate our torso instead of adding width to our top half, which creates an equal volume for the skinny jean! The biggest mistake a large person can do is wear a sweatshirt with a skinny jean! If you do this all I can say is "may God be with you"... A sweatshirt creates a large volume at the top which only draws more attention to the fact that your legs seem narrow & your top seems wide! But the answer to the question is YES it's for YOU! Just work it CORRECTLY!

Bikini Buisness

Let's just dive right in, as a larger person I sympathize with the struggle of looking fabulous on the beach. However, knowing what my size is certainly helps! Ladies I want you to embrace your tummies and hips but dress them appropriately! A two piece is simply for the woman who has an amazing figure, PERIOD! But there are suitable stylish replacements such as the monokini, or the high wasted bathing suit or even a chic one piece! And remember cover-ups are your besty! Nothing is less sexy than a woman who doesn't own and deliver what's she working with CORRECTLY! And don't be afraid to add some jewelry & some chic shades! Remember anyone can work it but the bitch who works it best gets the RAISE! Haha!

Labels & Desperation

Ok so this is a topic I so frequently discuss with my girlfriends, LABELS! It completely bothers me when someone kicks their foot up to show the red bottom of their Louboutin! Or tucks their shirt in to show the "H" on their Hermes' belt! And let's not forget the pics of the Louis bags that are constantly posted! Or better yet the guys who are dying to show their YSL T-shirts & diamond watches & the girls who only want Michele watches now! Excuse my French but, calm the FUCK down! I mean I've gotten anything I've asked for since I was a child, which only shows me that you're not used to getting anything of quality. I mean when you're truly stylish you search for quality and what will last, not the label! And since you wanna talk about labels, why only purchase the ones with monogram or the ones everyone on twitter will know! There are other labels besides Gucci, Fendi, Prada, & lord please give up this Louis Vuitton! People, showing & discussing labels only make you look hood rat & leads me to believe that you've never had anything worth having until you purchased this item!!! And F.Y.I. Fashionistas who have elegance & class will never post or draw attention to an expensive item. If you're wearing it well, it'll look expensive regardless of the price or you broadcasting your receipt!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Sassy Series: GCB

So I have a new favorite show for Sunday evenings and it's "GCB" it's simply amazing! The show is funny, witty, & sexy! It stars a newly widowed woman played by Leslie Bibb who is forced to move back to the wealthy part of Texas with her souther bell mother from her Beverly Hills mansion! But the hitch is that she is hated by every woman in town including Carlene Cockburn (Kristin Chenoweth) because of her mean girl days back in high school! It's a must watch girls... Tune In!

Divorce Files

Now has anyone else turned in the divorce papers on OPI and started a new fling with Essie! I mean hello OPI was not faithful or loyal with all that damn chipping! So I've moved on & Essie & I are getting pretty serious!! You guys should try "Navigate Her" by Essie it's amazeballs!

Makeup Madness

So all my girlfriends have totally gave me fever for swapping my Covergirl Lash-blast Mascara for DiorShow by Christian Dior! But I swear I totally had good reason & one of them was not the fact that it was by Dior, labels mean nothing to me!!! However, Covergirl did look amazeballs but it would make my lashes so hard! I mean one time I literally tapped my lashes and the mascara made it so hard I saw some break off! After I searched all over the world I bumped into DiorShow , it glides on smoothly and give my lashes this great coating and fullness! And they feel so soft!!! There is about a $25 difference but ever so worth it...

Color Coalition

So colored denim is all the rage & I'm personally so in love with them. They do easily take you from day to night with no problem! They spice up everything in your closet & they scream spring. I would say pair them with a phenomenal leather or some type of Aztec or animal print! Definitely do gold accessories and steer clear of a colored pump, your top & jean will do enough! Either a nude or leopard shoe! And if you wanna be all rocker on my ass go for a cute military boot!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

In Living Color

Today two of the most successful women in music donned some pretty bright colors! Rihanna was seen in London sporting a Stella McCartney Blazer & some strappy sandals. While in NYC Beyonce donned a hot pink top with some bright print pants. I could've done without Beyonce's "ladies who lunch" black pump! However both ladies are bringing in spring the right way... In COLOR

Strap Up!

All this season we've spotted celebs & fashionistas sporting the no platform strap sandal! I'm in love with this! But there are some rules, they must be tried on first because a long pair of toes could ruin this! And since the platform is gone you must be sure you are a skilled heel walker before you introduce these to your little feet! And for $50 at Zara these heels below are just the right way to stay on trend...

Diva Download

I'm beyond in love with Katy Perry & "Circle The Drain" is such a bad ass song! Katy nailed this one... But when doesn't she?!

Accessory Protest

I hereby call a protest on any & all earrings that resemble or look anything like something from "Basketball Wives" that includes feathers, rhinestones (seriously guys), or spikes!!! What is wrong? When did it ever become legal to inflict pain on those who care about good jewelry by exposing us to these catastrophes... The thought of these earrings are making me sick! Let's spark a fire & burn them together loves...

Future of Forbes: Raevyn Jones

Raevyn Jones is a very close friend of mine as well as one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in Baltimore. She has a Bachelors in Public Relations from Delaware State University & is an M.B.A. Candidate at Morgan State University. She co-founded Ideal Publicity which is a Public Relations firm in Baltimore in 2011. Raevyn has a future as bright as the diamonds on Elizabeth Taylor's first engagement ring! She's a true example of being blessed with both brains & beauty! Congrats Ms. Jones because you are the future of Forbes!

To The Dumpster We Go...

Ladies I have been seeing a ton of Juicy Couture lately!!!! This frightens me because no woman past the age of 10 should participate in the purchasing of Juicy ANYTHING!!!! Swap that lame starter necklace or bracelet for a more simple yet chic gold link! Links will always be in style, however Juicy has seen its day... But don't worry I'm sure the goodwill has a hanger with your Juicy necklaces name written all over it!!! Dump the bitch!

Slumber Party

I ran across a picture of Rihanna with the headline "Rihanna In Stella McCartney" & when I glanced I thought she was just merely in her pajamas! But I stood corrected! As it seems the pajama look has left our little beds & hit the nightclubs & the runways! I'm a little on the fence about this one, for some it may work but on most it may look as if your about to set your alarm clock! But we never know until we try. What do you think about the pajama craze?

Daisy, Lola & Now DOT...

Every girl loves a Marc Jacobs scent So pony up for something new girls! DOT is the new scent from Marc Jacobs it contain honeysuckle, jasmine & orange blossom! It'll be in stores August of 2012

Diva Download

So I'm a music freak & everyday I will post a new song of the day! Today's its a throwback from Lil' Kim called "She Don't Love You" this song used to have me dancing do hard! Grab your iTunes card & get to downloading divas! Muah!

Declaring An End to the Word "Hoe"

As I sat down sipping some cheap wine I wondered how many times I or my girlfriends have been labeled a hoe. But what is a hoe? A person who enjoys sex? A person who has tons of sex? I mean I'm confused! Call me crazy but is sex not satisfying? I mean after a good round do you not feel relieved? And who is anyone to say you're wrong for enjoying sex! I say as long as you strap on the condoms you can have sex whenever & with whomever you wish! And if you find a different sexy person every day of the week and want to engage in some fun than so be it! Because the bitches with there legs closed judging us are home horny & frustrated! And for the guys that call girls whores, well... They're just ugly lol! So raise your heels & your skirts & have a ball(pun intended)!!! And let's declare an end to the word "Hoe" ! Because I'm a firm believer that a gal who knows a good stiletto knows a good dick! Ha!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Know Your Body Type...

As I run across style pictures day to day I see so many young ladies who could be so fab if only they purchased things in their size. I myself was a victim of not accepting my size until I realized how FAB you feel when it fits! Your body is yours, embrace it, adore it, love it and think of it as a mattress you wouldn't place a queen size sheet set on a king size bed would you? This young lady below embodies Sexy! Her figure is amazing & her clothes fit her perfectly! She gets a Chic plus for this one!

Nail It Down!

So I myself am a nail fanatic I've had every shape, color, & design! But my favorite is the stiletto nail(pointy)... But for a more professional fashionista round or square seems to hit the NAIL on the head! The only thing that's off limits is the one nail a different color than the rest! What are you back in 2007? So what's your fave nail?

See ya Girl...

Ok so I'm giving a BIG see ya girl to to this quilted clutch I stumbled on Miss it's by Miu Miu and goes for $510.... But I ran over & said hello to Miss who offered me a similar look for about $43 plus some free damn shipping... Honey it pays to shop around

The Party Dress Theory

Have you ever noticed that in each club there are 100 girls in a tight fitting dress and a platform pump!? Well that's what I call the "Party Dress Theory" it's basically stating that unless a girl is half dressed in a skin tight ensemble she isn't club prepared! But all the contrary my loves! A dress can sometimes take away your creativity it takes no sense of style to create a look with a dress, jewelry an a heel! Let's swap it out for a daring pantsuit or a flowing skirt & a top that shows some midriff! Clock In'! The look on the left is beyond typical, but the look on the right screams sexiness with a hint of style & elegance

Rihanna Does London in Wang

A ravishing Blonde haired Rihanna set her sights across the pond in a olive green Alexander Wang dress along side her Battleship co-star Brooklyn Decker who was donning a Stella McCartney number!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bebe Does Bridal?

You read it correctly Bebe has officially launched a Bridal collection. It will include shoes, accessories, gowns & dresses... I must commend Bebe they truly know how to turn a buck & some of these dresses aren't half bad... With prices ranging from $160 to $1800 would you dare to be a Bebe Bride?

The Truth About Vintage

You see as a shopper I'm all for the latest bargain... but, as a bargain shopper I'm aware that everything from the thrift store isn't vintage! Some stuff is just "OLD"... "Vintage Chic" as I call it is a craft, you must know what is wearable & what works for YOU! A handbag or some jewelery is simply fine however, an entire vintage look must be mixed with something trendy or modern to pull together an all out VINTAGE CHIC look. Above is both an example of a celeb look by Mary Kate & Ashley, along with a non celeb fashioista Ms. Ashton Hall! All these ladies have mastered this look... Kudos!

Eligible Bachelor of The Week: Andre Doyle

Andre is 23, he resides in both Deleware & Philly. He describes himself as a hard working, college educated gentleman. And a ladies man for sure... Congrats Andre for making this weeks eligible bachelor!

Facebook- Dre Doyle
Instagram- amelio_west
Twitter-     @amelio_west

Chic & "Cheap" Situation...

Ummmm hello... Clock In'!!! So I totally scored this cute snakeskin clutch from Asos! First of all every wardrobe is dying for some animal honey... and for $25 plus free shipping... Why is this not on the way to your home...

But She Could've Been Fab...

This section will be devoted to the girl who almost got it right (in my opinion) but somewhere along the way she dropped the ball... this week is Fergie

First of all this Prada shoe in the stilleto version is amazing, but the wedge serves no one. The height is disastrous. A nude or leopard stilleto would've drug this to life! And for the jacket if she wanted to go all moto on us she could've done an amazing biker and a dazzling gold collar necklace. And her lip could've been orange, maybe "Red Square" from NARS! Fergie we do not love you long time with this look...

Red Bottom Theory

I've always questioned some people's obsession with certain things, but most recently the Louboutin has been on my mind. I mean in a world where fabulous shoes are easy to find, what strikes us to this shoe. If in fact someone stripped it of it's "Red Bottom" would that same shoe have the same appeal? Or is our generation completely infatuated with price tags? Just a thought...

Makeup Madness

Now I myself believe that a lip makes the face! So I have all these crazy vibrant colors & I so needed just a neutral throw on lip! So I stumbled across NARS "Stolen Kisses"!!! Its devine its great on any skin tone and it has a slight sheen as well as the perfect amount of color for day or night!!! And its only $24 at Nordstrom

Chic Single Of The Week: Danielle Covington

Danielle is 23 years old & resides in Manhattan, NY. She has a Bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. She worked as a bartender through undergrad now she's employed by Lexus & works with Ideal Publicity.. Shes single gorgeous & a certified catch. Oh & shes one of my friends Ha!

Twitter/ @_dannylovesyou_
Facebook/ Danielle Covington

New In Town

Now Ladies while I have just laid our dear girlfriend "Lita" to rest I would not foresake thee by leaving you stranded. There is a new sheriff in town & her name is simply "Day 2". Now I know Jeffrey is all the rage so I decided that this shoe is perfect for evening or daytime. It screams summer & the strappy banana heel is a fashion MUST! Clock In ladies because this is WORK!

Look to Loose

Jeffrey Campell "Lita"... ladies this shoes has consumed your winter however, lets call a goin home session for this shoe. It has now come in so many colors I'm confusing them with a hookers makeup... Lets have a moment of SILENCE for...
May She Rest In Piece...

Celeb to Notice: Emma Stone

You may remeber her from "Easy A" or most recently "The Help" and she gives off such a juvenile quirky vibe however, Emma is vastly becoming the new Lindsay Lohan. She has kick ass flicks, great hair & her style has went from girl next door to bitch running from the paps & I love it!!!!

Fragrance of the Week

"Signorina" by Salvatore Ferragamo is delicious... it offers such a light summer flowery scent. It's one of those love at first scent type of fragrances. Those who love "Daisy" by Marc Jacobs would adore this. avaialable at Nordstrom

Welcome Wagon

Welcome To The Chic Situation... I want to be clear as to what this site is for, I am strictly here to show my appreciation for FASHION not to be a style ICON. I am well aware that everyone has their own sense of style however, this is where I will showcase mine! There will be tons of girl talk on fashion, sex, boys, makeup, fragrance & more. There will even be a "SINGLE of The Week" because I totally believe fahion goes hand in hand with love. Ha! SO buckle your Hermes' belts & ENJOY!