Saturday, March 31, 2012

Is The Skinny For You?

I personally believe the skinny suits everyone! However for a thin person a skinny jean & a top will be just fine! For a larger figure the skinny needs dimension! Meaning a top and a skinny jean needs a blazer or cardigan, even a vest! But there must be a third element somewhere, this third element acts to elongate our torso instead of adding width to our top half, which creates an equal volume for the skinny jean! The biggest mistake a large person can do is wear a sweatshirt with a skinny jean! If you do this all I can say is "may God be with you"... A sweatshirt creates a large volume at the top which only draws more attention to the fact that your legs seem narrow & your top seems wide! But the answer to the question is YES it's for YOU! Just work it CORRECTLY!

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