Saturday, March 31, 2012

Labels & Desperation

Ok so this is a topic I so frequently discuss with my girlfriends, LABELS! It completely bothers me when someone kicks their foot up to show the red bottom of their Louboutin! Or tucks their shirt in to show the "H" on their Hermes' belt! And let's not forget the pics of the Louis bags that are constantly posted! Or better yet the guys who are dying to show their YSL T-shirts & diamond watches & the girls who only want Michele watches now! Excuse my French but, calm the FUCK down! I mean I've gotten anything I've asked for since I was a child, which only shows me that you're not used to getting anything of quality. I mean when you're truly stylish you search for quality and what will last, not the label! And since you wanna talk about labels, why only purchase the ones with monogram or the ones everyone on twitter will know! There are other labels besides Gucci, Fendi, Prada, & lord please give up this Louis Vuitton! People, showing & discussing labels only make you look hood rat & leads me to believe that you've never had anything worth having until you purchased this item!!! And F.Y.I. Fashionistas who have elegance & class will never post or draw attention to an expensive item. If you're wearing it well, it'll look expensive regardless of the price or you broadcasting your receipt!

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