Thursday, March 29, 2012

Declaring An End to the Word "Hoe"

As I sat down sipping some cheap wine I wondered how many times I or my girlfriends have been labeled a hoe. But what is a hoe? A person who enjoys sex? A person who has tons of sex? I mean I'm confused! Call me crazy but is sex not satisfying? I mean after a good round do you not feel relieved? And who is anyone to say you're wrong for enjoying sex! I say as long as you strap on the condoms you can have sex whenever & with whomever you wish! And if you find a different sexy person every day of the week and want to engage in some fun than so be it! Because the bitches with there legs closed judging us are home horny & frustrated! And for the guys that call girls whores, well... They're just ugly lol! So raise your heels & your skirts & have a ball(pun intended)!!! And let's declare an end to the word "Hoe" ! Because I'm a firm believer that a gal who knows a good stiletto knows a good dick! Ha!

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