Monday, April 30, 2012

Fashion Police: Raheim Johnson

So this look on Raheim is great! I love the proportions and the foot cleavage, as well as the kick the lavender bow tie gives the look! It soughta plays on like a "Harlem Poet" type of vibe! I would've loved a belt that had a gold accent but its still an amazing look on him! He pulls it all together effortlessly! Overall grade A-

Lets glance at this look, so Raheim has a really amazing figure which the tank really helps to show off, I would've loved if the shirt was a size larger just to kinda change the effect of the look but I'm still in love with it. A gold watch would've set this right off... Now my only complaint comes in at the SHOES! The shoes are kind of juvenile I get where he was going but the shoe however made a U-turn... Overall grade C+

Ok so this look is a tad left field, I think what it lacks is DIRECTION, there isn't a set theme with this one. I think if he had made the pants a short ditched the two tops and added maybe a floral print button up for contrast & if he wanted a funky vibe he could've ditched the chucks & added a military boot or a moccasin. All in all it's way to man things going on with this look, I'm fighting to know where to look... Overall grade D+

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