Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gossip Gals: Supportive vs. Judgemental

As I was washing my dog last night I had some thoughts running through my mind... As a friend we only want the best for our girlfriends, we pray for their success, hope for their happiness, an wish for their well being. However sometimes when our friends are making what we assume to be a mistake we tend to judge. It doesn't make us bad people or even a bad friend it just makes us human. We often feel like we know what's best for our friends, like we are parents or something. But our friends have to make their own decisions & mistakes, I mean haven't we made ours. I can't tell you how many bad guys I've dated or had sex with that my friends didn't approve of! Or how many lip colors I've worn that they didn't fancy. But here's the thing about friendship it's at it's strongest when you can disagree yet still agree to love each other & support one another. None of us are saints and by being supportive doesn't mean we have to not state our opinions on things. It just simply means that we state it once & whatever mistake we may foresee we just wait it out & be certain to be there with a tissue, a great movie, and a new lip gloss when it's over. Because us fashionistas have to stick together, it's a cold world out there filled with bad guys, phony girls, & awful shoes. So all we've got is each other! Let's try & remember that!

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